The Bike Gang

My street this summer was full of neighbours walking, gorgeous gardens, baby birds and an unexpected abundance of kids on bikes, some of whom naturally coalesced into a bike gang, a flash-back to the days of my youth.

I grew up not far from here in a pre-internet age when neighbourhoods like mine were filled with little gangs of kids on bikes. My gang of about 8 kids, met on the corner of a block where 5 of the boys lived. Long summer days were spent dangling from trees and playing ball games in the big park across the street from the corner.

Now, 50 years later, in a fortuitous twist of fate, I revisit those days in my mind as I work as the official bike mechanic and occasional tour-guide for the gang of five 7-10 year olds here on my street.

I’ve gotten to know each of the kids a bit: their personality, their ideas, hopes and dreams. I am honoured to be accepted and valued by these intelligent, curious and funny children.

I hope you enjoy the images! If you want to save any of the images to your own computer, alt-click on any image, choose “Open Image in new Window”, and the select “Save image…” If you’re having issues saving images, ask your kids for help 🙂

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